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Welcome to the official website of RN-Ceramic,
your partner for processing industrial ceramics.

werkstoffeFor more than 20 years we have devoted intensely and successfully to our area of expertise, the processing of technical ceramics. In addition to popular ceramic materials such as aluminium oxide (Al2O3), zirconium oxide (Zr02), zirconia toughened alumina (ZTA), silicon carbide (SSiC) and silicon nitride (Si3N4), we at RN-Ceramic also grind new developed ceramics. With well-founded know-how of many years in handling various ceramic materials, we are a professional and reliable partner for solving your individual problems.

Our focus lies in maintenance of ceramic dewatering elements of paper industry. This includes all works like grinding and reconditioning, truing of new ceramic segments, measuring of stainless steel boxes on parallelism and planeness, fining down dewatering boxes and plenty more. Our ambition is the maintenance and overhauling of your existing ceramic elements, in order to place the machine parts at your disposal in minimum time and in a cost-effective way. Design-engineering modifications to dewatering elements according to your requirements and needs are an economical and time saving alternative to buying a new system. We are happy to advice you.

If a repair is not possible anymore, we are able to offer newly produced dewatering systems. Depending on actual condition of stainless steel-box and specific customers' needs, we make new ceramic covers or manufacture completely new dewatering systems with base construction.

The final machining of ceramic small batches for applications in electrical and medical engineering as well as in machine construction or in automotive industry represents another business unit of RN-Ceramic.